Established in 1995, Marin Motorsports started as a small, conscientious, VW service/repair business. And, now, 23 years later, we have evolved into the natural progression of Audi service as well. In fact, Audi is the primary brand we now service. BMW is an intimate brand for us additionally, as we spent several years racing them at a professional level. Many of our clients have "the other car".... in most cases, a trusty Japanese make. We are happy to see these cars come in, as generally, they represent the purity of the automobile that we used to see all the time--function and reliability over form and comfort.

To us, your car is not a number placard hanging from the rear view mirror in a sea of cars in a dealer lot. To us, your car represents a very significant financial, and sometimes romantic, decision you have made to meet your needs in life. We respect that. When we do a job, there are no "extras" on the bench at the end, not even a lowly washer. We know this because our benches are clean--At start, and at finish. Warranty, and parts brand choices play an important role in our product. We have pride in our work, and our results. We have our stellar reputation to uphold. Are we the cheapest in town? No. Are we the most expensive? No. Are we the best? That depends on how you define best. We are a small, modest facility, doing our best to deliver a superior product in an environment that sometimes places more value on amenities than results.

We are open Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm